Old macedonian food specialities

Tavche gravche, vevchani’s salad, home made wine….

The pension 

Kutmičevica Pension promotes the historical and cultural heritage of the picturesque village of Vevčani, situated at the foot of Jablanica Mountain, 14 km away from Ohrid Lake, at the altitude of 930 meters. This wonderfully restored 19th century rooming-house has retained its original structure and been kitted out with authentic fixtures and furnishings.

During their stay in Kutmicevica Vevcani, guests will see up close the support being extended to the continued preservation of the regions traditional structures, cuisine and rituals and beautiful panorama of the Struga Valley and the magnificent Ohrid Lake. Kutmičevica Pension has double and three-bed comfortable apartments with private facilities, air conditioning, cable TV and Wi-Fi.


Traditional tastes & organic food


The restaurant 

At the Kutmicevica Pension, guests can feast on hearty Macedonian cuisine, along with the local community, in the large dining hall with 60 seats and outdoor terrace with 20 seats.Positioned in the picturesque village of Vevcani, the restaurant Kutmicevica uses the advantage of the completely unpolluted soil around the village to grow and produce organic vegetables and fruits.

The Kutmičevica Restaurant owns a vineyard and produces its own wine and superb grape brandy, which are served to true lovers of delicious beverages. Come and visit us, our commitment is to surely make your tour to Vevcani unforgettable.